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Advice on the coronavirus for school

School is monitoring and following advice from Public Health England and is informed daily by the Department for Education. 

The advice from the DfE is:

  • Schools should remain open and keep abreast of latest local, national and international news
  • schools should promote good hygiene, as normal, amongst all people within the school community, ensuring hands are washed regularly with soap and water
  • Antibacterial gel and soap are utilised within schools
  • Good hygiene regarding not touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands is promoted, as is washing hands every time the toilet is used, before eating and regularly at other times of the day
  • 'Catch it, bin it, kill it' is promoted when coughing and sneezing, so that tissues are used once and then disposed of
  • Cleaning regimes within schools use approved products and routines to ensure that areas are cleaned appropriately and thoroughly

This web address will direct you to a poster from Public Health England which is shared and displayed in school.