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Modern Foreign Language - French

Modern Foreign Language - We learn French.

In our French lessons, we learn all about the amazing country and culture of France, and aim that the children are inspired to visit France one day and enjoy conversing with locals with respect, understanding and confidence.  We aim for the children to broaden their horizons and develop curiosity about other countries, their cultures and their language.  Our language teaching lays a firm foundation for learning any new languages at secondary school.


What do we learn in our French lessons?


We build confidence alongside understanding by:

  • Learning rhymes by heart and singing, to develop good pronunciation  and  build confidence
  • Hearing stories in French, to access beautiful vocabulary
  • Finding out about France:  its stunning geography and rich culture
  • Having conversations in French, enjoying learning together
  • Learning simple grammatical phrases that are built upon over time so that they become a familiar basis for adding new, useful vocabulary
  •  Learning how to use a French dictionary to refine spoken and written tasks
  • Listening to  native French speakers holding simple conversations


Most of all, the focus is on  practical learning opportunities that help children to acquire and apply a growing bank of grammatical structures and vocabulary , so that they can listen and understand, speak and be understood, read and write in French.


We believe learning a language should be fun and  that everyone can be successful!

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