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As a school we value your thoughts and ideas about how to make school life the best it can be for your children, and welcome and encourage your full involvement.


Each year, there is an annual survey of parents. Last year, in January 2022, we conducted a shared survey, completed by families with their children at home. It gave us several ideas of ways to improve our provision for families.  

Also in July, some parent let me know that communication from school to families could be improved, particularly so that families have sufficient notice to prepare for school events.


From September, 2022 we have a weekly, Friday letter detailing all upcoming events and sharing what is going on in school.


Another issue mentioned by both the parents and children, was the unsafe driving and congestions outside school at key times in the day.  I have informed our Councillor of this issue and he is keen to help. He has already held an open surgery in Chesterfield and plans to hold another on school grounds to further consider this issue. Many thanks to the families that have given evidence on this serious matter.


Our next Parent and Child survey will be in January 2023 - but if you have an idea of how we can improve school for you or your family, please let us now. 


My door is always open, and I love to hear good ideas.