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As stated in the Department for Education's  2021 Model Music Curriculum, 'The power of music Music is all around us. It is the soundtrack to our lives. Music connects us through people and places in our ever-changing world. It is creative, collaborative, celebratory and challenging.' ...  music can bring communities together through the shared endeavour of whole-school singing, ensemble playing, experimenting with the creative process and, through the love of listening to friends and fellow pupils, performing. The sheer joy of music making can feed the soul of a school community, enriching each student while strengthening the shared bonds of support and trust which make a great school.'


We aim to do just this, to develop children’s confidence, communication, thinking and creative skills through playing, singing, creating and performing music. We recognise that the skills involved in playing and listening to music will also help learners develop the self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. Children will discover that music can be enjoyable and relaxing which will help reduce stress and we value the fact that all children will be able to experience a sense of achievement and pride.  We use the Sing-up music curriculum as our core scheme, alongside whole class instrumental teaching in Year 3 and Year 4 and weekly singing worship.    Children will listen, appraise and respond to a wide range of music and learn songs form every corner of the world and in every possible style. 


They will discover may musical delights, and hear from the world's great composers, as well as up and coming musicians, to develop a love of music as they progress through school. 



Each week we hear about a new composer. This powerpoint shows all the composers we have learnt about in Autumn term 2023..

Long term curriculum plan for music from Reception to Year 6