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Physical Education

Physical Education

One of our core principles is to encourage children to:

'Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.'

At Christ Church, children experience a wide range of sporting opportunities, including plenty of outdoor exercise, whilst also learning to appreciate the importance of good rest and positive mental wellbeing.  Also, most children enjoy a delicious healthy school meal made by our school cook, Tina as they learn about the impact of good nutrition on mental and physical health.


PE lessons provide every child with a breadth of inclusive opportunities in order for them to enjoy an healthy and active lifestyle whilst developing their physical literacy.

All children experience a varied curriculum, which progresses over time. Each half-term we focus on a specific element of the Physical Education National Curriculum which is supported by the Qualitas Curriclum.  Pupils are taught fundamental movement skills in EYFS and KS1 and then transfer these skills into Invasion games (such as football, cricket, netball, basketball, rounders and hockey), Athletics, Outdoor Adventure, Dance and Gymnastics in KS2.


We also promote our PE curriculum through lunchtime school clubs – using local sports companies such as Samba Sports and Articulate Dance, so pupils have the opportunity to exercise and be creative through lunchtime.


As a school, we also participate in competitions and events in sports such as bench ball, water polo and fencing, as well as offering a 'bike-a-mentals' programme to develop bike-riding and road safety skills to EYFS, Year 3 and Year 6. Highly skilled and knowledgeable coaches at Qualitas lead all of these events. All of the experiences that we offer to all of our pupils are inclusive for all, as we aim to develop a positive, life long relationship with physical activity.


We recognise the importance of being able to skill and prioritise this sport in Years 5 and when children have ten one-hour, high quality swimming lessons delivered by Qualitas coaches at Graves Leisure Centre. We aim for every single child to learn to swim by the time that they leave our school.  We offer swimming lessons to year 4 through the Derbyshire County Council; as well as years 5 and 6 through Qualitas. 

PE at Christ Church supports core learning behaviours and contributes towards the mastery of holistic development. We recognise the importance of physical well-being if our children are to thrive in other areas of their development.



PE long term curriculum map