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We want all children to thrive at school, so supporting their good attendance is a priority. We know that children will develop strong friendships and make good progress in their learning at school if they attend regularly.

If your child is absent due to illness or other circumstances, please contact school on the first day of their absence before 9am by calling 01246 273569.


On a daily basis, Mrs. Beresford and the Headteacher considers all pupil absence and conduct a welfare check on any child with unexplained absence. 


All term-time holidays are unauthorised

and may lead to penalty notices.




Attendance data is closely monitored by our safeguarding team, including our attendance governor.  We holds pupil welfare meetings with parents and carers for any child for whom attendance is a concern. This is so we can work together, home and school,  to help the child overcome any particular barriers to attendance that they may have.  

Exceptional leave of absence

Headteachers have the discretion to grant leave, but this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and not, for example a family holiday.  It is a parental responsibility to ensure that their children attend school, and as such, they can be fined for not taking this responsibility seriously.  

If you do wish to apply for an exceptional leave of absence, please print and complete the form below or collect one from the school office. Please include as much information as possible about the planned absence from school, so the headteacher can make a well-informed decision.

Leave of absence request form