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We Are A Church School

Our vision is, 'Learning and Growing in Faith, Hope and Love'

This is how we describe our vision and values to the children.

Each year we revisit our school values and create a whole school display showing how we put our vision and values into action every day.


These values inspire us to be the best we can be, setting high expectations and aspirations, as our children thrive and grow into happy, confident and successful citizens.

Truthfulness             Generosity              Service            Friendship

Compassion         Humility              Peace                   Trust      

 Justice            Forgiveness             Courage           Responsibility

Hope                        Respect & Reverence                 Creativity

Miss May taught in a school in Ghana

We are a Church School


We are proud to be part of the Church School family, and an academy within Derby Diocesan academy Trust (DDAT).

We work very closely with Holy Trinity and Christ Church.  We miss the regular visits from our Rector, Reverend David Horsfall since his retirement, and look forward to meeting the new vicar once they are appointed. We also enjoy the collective worship led by the "Open The Book', albeit remotely since September 2020.


We also work together with the Church to celebrate various events in the Church calendar, either at Church or at School. We enjoy many services including:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christingle
  • Christmas Service
  • Pentecost Service
  • Easter Service
  • We also have a special Service of Blessing for our Year 6 children as they prepare to go to secondary school.


For more information about Holy Trinity and Christ Church click on the link below


Rev Jilly Hancock is our Priest in charge of the parish. She leads our worship in school every Monday.

Collective Worship


Collective Worship is a time when the whole school family come together to worship and think. We learn about  Christian values and think about how we can put our values into action for the benefit of all in our community. We learn about Christian values such as generosity, justice, compassion, trust, hope, peace, respect, hope and thankfulness. In Collective Worship, we have plenty of opportunities for spiritual development, developing a sense of awe and wonder. We can choose to worship God, think about our own beliefs and values and consider those of others.



Different people lead our acts of worship:

Our Headteacher and our Teachers

The 'Open the Book' team

Reverend Jully Hancock

The Crackpot Company well as the children themselves. 


Sometimes we worship altogether in the hall, and sometimes we have worship in our own classrooms, joined as a whole school remotely.

This gives us a sense of being together as we worship.


In Collective Worship we do lots of different things to help us understand and appreciate what the Bible teaches us.

We hear stories stories from the Bible

We find out about inspirational people and how they put their values into action

We hear about local, national and global issues and consider our own views (Picture News)

We listen to and learn from stories of all faiths

We reflect silently

We may choose to pray

We share our own thoughts, feelings and experiences

We often think about how to put our Christian Values into action.


Each term we focus upon a particular Christian value. In the year 2022-2023 we share look deeply at the Christian Values of:

Thankfulness,   Trust,   Perseverance,   Justice,   Service   and Truthfulness.


Our Ambassadors

Each term we choose two ambassadors to represent the views of their class.

They meet each week with a teacher to think about the Christian Value and what it means to us in our homes and school and community. They plan activities that help us to put our Christian Values into action.    Values ambassadors from each class represent the views of their classes,

so their hopes and dreams can lead our way.



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