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Religious Education and World Views

One of our core principles is for all children to:

'Be in awe of God’s wonderful world

and celebrate the diversity of creation.'

In Religious Education and World Views we encourage lots of big, important questions.     

We think about what is right and wrong and how our choices have consequences.   We listen respectfully to each other as we learn about different world faiths and worldviews.   RE teaches us about ourselves and other people, by thinking about what matters to us all.


As a Church of England school, the teaching and learning of Religious Education is given a very high priority. It is a core subject and we value the contribution it makes to the spiritual and emotional well being  of our children as they develop into compassionate and respectful citizens.


We use the resource, 'Understanding Christianity' to structure the teaching of Christianity throughout school, and follow the new Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education as revised in September 2020 for all other world faiths and world views: Islam, Hinduism, Humanism, Buddhism and Judaism.


Learning in R.E. is enriched by many different visitors, including community faith leaders, family members and staff as they talk about their beliefs and values and how they  impact positively on their lives.  Each year we have  'special RE days' whereby children explore an aspect of Christianity creatively and in greater depth such as Harvest, Advent and Easter.

Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education