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Relationship, Sex and Health Education

Relationship, Sex and Health Education

One of our core principles is for all children to:

'Value and serve every member of our community

as a compassionate and generous citizen.'

This is one outcome of our RSHE curriculum and our whole school development of spirituality, moral, social and cultural education which permeates every single aspect of school life.


In RSHE weekly lessons - we call them 'Heartsmart' lessons children are taught how to look after their own physical and emotional well-being through developing a variety of skills that will be so useful throughout life.  These include how to protect and maintain good self-esteem, even when you face challenges; learning about what makes a good friendship, coping with big changes and managing money.


With strong friendships and good relationships with staff, our children flourish. This is not taken for granted, but built on everyday through daily well-being checks. Staff are vigilant in spotting signs that things may not be right for pupils at an early stage and take action to help.  Our strength is that our pupils look after each other too, and let us know when we need to help.


We always explore important issues about maintaining and developing good, trusting friendships annually during 'Anti-bullying Week'. We also consider what we would do if we ever witnessed any bullying, what this looks like, what we would do and who we would ask for help. We ensure every child can name a trusted adult they can talk to in confidence.


We are proudly inclusive - every child here is valued as a gift of God, and brings their own special qualities to the diversity of our school family.

RSHE long term curriculum overview

RSHE skills progression of Heartsmart curriculum