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Year 5

Year 5 is fabulous!


In Year 5 you will have the chance to:

  • have ten swimming lessons
  • create an outdoor art shared picture
  • have ten multi-sport lessons
  • dance on stage to hundreds of people at the winding Wheel
  • do a cross country run 
  • go on a three-day residential
  • compete in a sports festival at the English Institute of Sport
  • dance to the whole school family
  • be responsible for leading a school club for younger children
  • celebrate school, national and global events in a big way - see our Jubilee and Coronation photos.
  • go to a disco
  • learn three poems by heart and perform to an audience
  • lead charity work and help us to raise money for charities that we choose to support
  • watch a live theatrical performance
  • go to music club

In your lessons you will learn all about the Dynamic Dynasties, Sowing, Growing and Farming and the Groundbreaking Greeks. Go to the curriculum section of the website to find out more.