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Talk For Writing

At Christ Church we structure the teaching of important writing skills and foster a love of writing using  the 'Talk For Writing' approach, as developed by educational writer, Pie Corbett. It is engaging and creative and has a proven record of accelerating children's learning.


At its heart, it begins  with enjoying and sharing really great stories and other high quality texts. It serves to build up an extensive and rich vocabulary which children delight in putting into use in their spoken and written language. 


Talk for writing is powerful because it shows children what really good writing looks like.  There are three stages to each unit of learning:

1. Imitation - the children learn a model text really well and understand the 'toolkit' of skills used to create effects such as character, setting and suspense.  The principle is that if a child is able to tell a good story, then they will be able to write a good story.

2. Innovation - the children are taught how to adapt the model text a bit by adding ideas of their own, and they learn how to use all the tools in the writers toolkit.

3. Independent application - this is where the children showcase all the writing skills they have leant and create their own original text. This is usually the children's favourite part of the process as they can let their imagination run wild!


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