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Read Write Inc

We teach every child to be a successful reader beginning with a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics using the ReadWriteInc programme. As soon as children have settled into Reception, in the first few weeks, we begin a daily dedicated lesson, and learn all the phonemes in the English language. There are many to learn, but it is amazing how quickly children can learn them all if they are well-taught. Then the children will be taught how to segment words into phonemes (break words up into  sounds) and blend phonemes together (put sounds together into words). Once this is mastered, they are ready to learn to read.


Children begin with short simple texts called ditties, which enable them to read simple sentences, using their phonic skills.  They also learn high frequency words such as 'the' and 'said' which we call tricky words, because you just have to learn them, you cannot use your phonic skills to work them out.  As they become quicker and more fluent with lots of practise, they are then ready to read books which gradually increase in difficulty.   We make sure their books are just at the right level of difficulty - if they are too easy, they will not make progress in their reading, but if they are too difficult, they may become overly challenged and frustrated. Books have to be just at the right level, which is why we use a carefully graded reading scheme. 


However, a love of reading is learnt by hearing and sharing all sorts of different stories and texts.  This is where parents can really help to make a difference to how much their child learns to read and how much they love reading.  We encourage every child to have a bed-time story, not just because it is the best way to end the day, but because it develops their imagination - something that benefits all their learning. For this reason,  children will have two books, one to practise their reading skills, and one to enjoy sharing with their family as a special story.