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Our core principles

As a staff we have thought about what we want our children to experience and learn during their time with us, and how to help every child be happy, confident and ready for the next steps in their educational journey.  We want every child to:


  • Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Be a curious and creative problem solver.
  • Be in awe of God’s wonderful world and celebrate the diversity of creation.
  • Value and serve every member of our community as a compassionate and generous citizen.
  • Be knowledgeable and inspired by significant changes and achievements shaped by people from the past to the present day.
  • Build knowledge about world issues and to strive for fairness, justice and respect, knowing that small actions can change the world.
  • Attain the highest possible academic standards through learning with confidence, a positive mind-set and strong self-belief.

Our ambitions are high -

we want every child to grow up to be proud of themselves;

proud of each other,

and strive to make 

the world a better place.