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The development of computing is both a subject in itself and a means of enriching learning in other curricula areas.  Children are taught to use a range of devices, including iPads, laptops, programmable toys.  

Pupils across school are taught skills  in weekly computing lessons; they then use and apply those skills in other subjects, for example using presentations, researching skills and creative art and design.  The Purple Mash computing scheme structures the core body of skills and knowledge.

It teaches the children how to use open-ended tools that allow children's creativity to flourish. Children can create expressive multi-media stories, make their own games or compose their own music through the exploration of technology and tools. Computing will be planned in line with Purple Mash and the national curriculum.

On-line safety is taught throughout the year so that learning is well-embedded and children know how to keep themselves safe when learning on-line at school and using devices at home.


During the partial closure of schools in January 2021, information technology was used to ensure all children had access to high quality live lessons, using zoom.  





Computing Whole School Curriculum