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Collective Worship

Collective Worship


At our school, Collective Worship is a time when we (the children and staff) come together as a community to share and build on our school's as well as Christian values, like trust, hope, peace, generosity and thankfulness. In Collective Worship, we have plenty of opportunities for spiritual development, developing a sense of awe and wonder. We can choose to worship God, think about our own beliefs and understand those of others.



Lots of people lead our acts of worship, like:


Open the Book

Reverend David Horsfall


Michael Fentem as part of Matlock Area Schools Trust

The Crackpot Company


In Collective Worship we do lots of different things to help us understand and appreciate the Christian Values. Take a look below:

Play games

Watch clips about stories from the Bible

Listen to stories

Reflect silently


Share our own thoughts, feelings and experiences


Our Ambassadors


Each term we focus upon a particular Christian value. This year we have learnt about justice. Our justice ambassadors thought about how we could make sure our school was fair and just and how we could make a difference beyond school. They decided we needed to:

  • make sure our school rules were fair and everyone know what they were
  • learn about people who had worked hard for justice in their lives
  • make the world a fairer place by sharing our things and donating to the Children's Society charity.


They helped us to achieve all this and then helped us to decide our next Christian value, which is generosity. A new team of generosity ambassadors are deciding what we will achieve next...







Our Generosity Ambassadors

Our Christian Values


Truthfulness             Generosity              Service            Friendship


Compassion         Humility              Peace                   Trust      


Justice            Forgiveness             Courage           Responsibility


Hope                        Respect & Reverence                 Creativity